Day For Girls

Keeping girls in school, delaying early pregnancy and marriage has been identified by the Group Ranch as an important need. KHCI has partnered with Days for Girls International, an organization dedicated to improving women’s health, education and productivity to bring DFG programing to the Group Ranch. With great success, KHCI has distributed reusable feminine hygiene kits and sponsored educational workshops for men, women, boys and girls.

With the support of KHCI, Chumvi Village women founded the Chumvi Days for Girls Enterprise, a micro business dedicated to the manufacture of DFG reusable feminine hygiene kits and health education programing. The enterprise was established in response to the need to help girls stay in school, to provide economic opportunities for women, and to work toward gender equality. KHCI is the Connecticut Chapter of Days for Girls in the United States and has sent more than 2,500 reusable feminine hygiene kits to Kenya. It has also sent materials and tools for the local fabrication of many more kits in the support of the Chumvi Days for Girls Enterprise.

KHCI has coordinated sending women from the Chumvi Sewing center to the “Uganda DFG University” to be trained in sewing, soap making, business planning, marketing, and supply chain and distribution networking. These skills will help keep the enterprise on firm economic footing. KHCI has made the commitment to support the Chumvi Sewing Center with financial help and additional supplies including feminine hygiene kits as the women develop their skills and generate business.

KHCI has constructed a new sewing center building and women-friendly latrine. These facilities will provide a well-lit, safe, secure space for women to work and thrive.