Clinics are at the heart of KHCI’s mission because they are at the center of every community, providing primary access for emergency, preventative, and maternal and new born care. They also act as centers for health education and referral. The clinic are staffed by nurses who are largely responsible for the health of the communities that they serve.

KHCI provides clinic support in the communities of Chumvi, Lokusero and Ntalabany targeting projects and equipment for which there is currently no government funding. Chumvi and Lokusero nurses see over 10,000 patients and deliver over 100 babies per year. Deliveries occur in the Manyatta home setting or in the clinic. The government is actively encouraging women to deliver in the clinic to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality. With your help KHCI can continue to build, stock and develop clinics as centers for primary care and education.