Lokusero Clinic

Lokusero, an area more remote than Chumvi, is not a population center but draws from many surrounding communities and is home to Lokusero Clinic, a large primary school, high school and a small boarding school.

Lokusero Regional Health Clinic

KHCI completed the construction of the Lokusero Regional Health Clinic with the help from the community. This facility was an empty shell because the community lacked funds for completion. With donor support of KHCI this clinic was completed in 2009, inspected, staffed, and opened by the government. It currently provides primary health care services to the region. Additional funds were sent for capital equipment purchases and the government subsequently provided several solar panels for lighting.

A community health meeting outside Lokusero Clinic.

Clean water at Lokusero

With the help of KCHI a solar well pump and power array was purchased and installed supplying the village and Lokusero health clinic with reliable water (Cost: $29,000)

Northern Kenya is semi-arid and for the past 3 years rainfall has had less than normal. Crops have failed the herds are depleted because of a lack of water. A variety of techniques have been utilized in the region including sub-surface dams, catchment dams on slopes were bedrock is exposed, cisterns, and where the water table permits, bore hole wells have been constructed. In the village of Lokusero there is a well next to the clinic but it is not used regularly because the village has no money for diesel fuel.