Mission Statement:   “To alleviate human suffering by bringing improved healthcare and clean water to those in need- One village at a time.”                                                  

                 NEWSLETTER NO. 6, AUTUMN 2013

                  RALPH F. STROUP, MD- CEO KHCI, Inc.

               Building a New Clinic Together

Imagine, remote Maasai villagers living in profound poverty off the grid, with no schools, electricity, internet or cell phone access. Their only communication is by CB radio. These Maasai live in a delicate balance with the big five free roaming animals of Africa in a malaria prone area. The children and most adults are obviously malnourished, subsisting primarily on small herds within a barter society.  The Ntalabany region of Kenya is arid and volcanic in origin, and does not sustain significant crops.

This area is composed of about 350 families living in dried, thatched, dung huts representing about 1400 people.  On roads that are little more than cattle paths filled with rocks, and gullies, these gentle Maasai people walk about 6 hours to get to the nearest clinic.  Imagine being pregnant, sick, or carrying children this far to reach healthcare.

Building a clinic here is the cornerstone for several future initiatives to change the lives of these people.  Upon the completion of the clinic the Government of Kenyan (GOK) will certify, staff, and provide basic medical and health services. Future plans include a nurse’s dwelling and a preschool built by the Ilngwesi II Group Ranch (the Maasai Governing Unit). This kind of cooperative endeavor often leads to a school built by the GOK.  Plans are being discussed to include construction of a drip irrigation greenhouse.

This clinic project will be a collaborative effort among KHCI, II Ngwesi II Group Ranch, Kenyan Government, and the local Villagers. The Village Elders express their desire to lift up their people and to become self-sufficient. The women want their children born in the clean environment of a clinic with a nurse midwife present and to have access to vaccines.  They know if they have a clinic they will receive other benefits from world organizations. They truly have no resources, but they commit to provide menial labor needed for construction to move forward.  The site has been approved by the Senior Elders of the village and by Dr. Lekurtut, the physician District Health Officer for this area, and the Il Ngwesi II Group Ranch governing body.

The cost for this 2 to 3 room clinic, including water, solar lighting, and some basic furniture and equipment is estimated at $50,000. Your generous gift will help to lift these people out of poverty, improve their quality of health and life, be more self-sufficient, and begin undoing the problems of illiteracy.

Villagers near future clinic site

Ntalabany Maasai Elders at site

Typical village dwelling

KHCI Past Projects –


  • Purchase of  solar/gas refrigerators for Chumvi, Arjiju, and Lokusero Clinics
  • Martha Malison, Midwife,  completes BSN  degree
  •  Site Visits to all clinics and meetings with key partners and District Medical Health Officer by Ralph and Mary Ann Stroup, June 2013 (in kind donation).
  •  Lokusero Solar Well Pump complete, providing reliable, abundant water. Presently constructing concrete block enclosed structure for community faucet to prevent further elephant damage
  • KHCI, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Connecticut in March 14, 2013. Final IRS 501(c)(3) tax number is on file, and donations are tax deductible..


  • Installation solar well pump, Lokusero village
  • Chumvi clinic, general operational support
  • Educational grant for nurse midwife
  • Creation of KHCI website: www.


  • Solar lighting, Arjiju Health Clinic
  • Educational grant for nurse midwife


  • Chumvi  clinic, general operational support, newborn delivery subsidies
  • Lokusero Health Clinic capital equipment purchases (exam table, desk, shelving, misc. small equipment)


  • Lokusero Clinic grant to finish clinic building in order for clinic to be certified by the Government of Kenya for operation and staffing.
  • Chumvi Clinic grant, construction of maternity/ delivery  ward

Construction of a new clinic from the ground up will be KHCI’s most ambitious project to date.  It is only through your kindness and generosity that this clinic will become a reality.


Opportunities for speaking engagements are needed and welcomed. Please share this appeal with family and friends.  Please help us by posting a copy of this newsletter wherever possible.



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